About 'IF' Factor

Originated by Isaiah's dad Terry, IF Factor started as a way to motivate Isaiah to focus on the bigger picture and pursue success in every aspect of life.  Terry stressed that 'IF' you continue to grind, work hard, and be a person of high character both on-and-off the field, then anything you dream can become a reality.  

While the 'IF' coincides with Isaiah's initials, over the years it has evolved into an inspirational and motivational mantra and mindset that anyone can use to push themselves forward in life.  'IF' you handle your business, the rewards come in time.

  • Adaptability

    In order to succeed, you must be ready to adapt to unexpected circumstances and hostile environments.  Figure out how you can help no matter the situation.

  • Dedication

    Greatness doesn't come overnight.  On a daily basis, you must consistently invest time and energy in order to perfect your craft and stay at the top of your game. 

  • Determination

    When obstacles appear, remain focused on the end goal in order to create the fuel needed to continue moving toward your dreams.

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